I’m a singer-songwriter living in London – the son of a Nigerian father and a German mother, raised in Flensburg, Germany. My BA was in Music at the Institute of Performing Arts in Liverpool and my MA was in Creative Writing with the University of Glasgow. I currently teach music in a London secondary school.

I have always been interested in writing and covering songs that can be delivered in an intimate acoustic setting. If you asked me about my Desert Island Disk selection I’d say: Curtis Mayfield’s ‘We’ve only just begun’ to get me into my favourite mood – hopeful melancholy. Carlos Jobim’s Agua de Marco for dancing around the island. Later at night at the campfire I’d like to be accompanied by Damien Rice singing ‘Greatest bastard of them all’ and really I’d take anything from Paul Simon’s Graceland album.

contact: uzoubaka@yahoo.com


Photos on this site were taken by Sara Shamsavari .